Green Finned Hippy Farm began offering goat yoga in spring 2017. The goats wander through the pen during yoga class, occasionally plopping down on a student's yoga mat for a nap. (October 10, 2018 for St. Louis Public Radio |

(left) Darren Owens shows the seedlings in his cold frame, which keeps young plants warm and moist until they can be moved outside. (right) Owens, who started the Southside Green Thumbs gardening group several years ago, displays a sample of his compost. (April 21, 2020 for St. Louis Public Radio |

Mason Javier Chacon positions a brick during the regional Bricklayer 500 competition in Bridgeton, Missouri, on Thursday. (September 13, 2019 for St. Louis Public Radio |

Peter Cassel, Mac Properties' director of community development, gives St. Louis Public Radio's Wayne Pratt a tour of the soon-to-be completed One Hundred apartment tower. (March 24, 2020 for St. Louis Public Radio |

Jamie Conoyer, a hair stylist and manager at Hair Saloon in O'Fallon, Missouri, said she's worried her staff won't be able to make ends meet during the outbreak. (April 14, 2020 for St. Louis Public Radio |

Virginia O'Brien transplanted her peas in mid-April, after the last anticipated frost. She's among many in St. Louis growing produce from seeds for the first time this year. (April 21, 2020 for St. Louis Public Radio |

Karen Nickel's family in Maryland Heights decided to keep grandchildren at a distance from her to prevent her from getting infected by the coronavirus. Nickel has multiple chronic conditions. (April 22, 2020 for St. Louis Public Radio |

Kranzberg Arts Foundation Executive Director Chris Hansen stands in the empty Grandel theater. The Kranzberg will soon start training hundreds of local arts professionals in its coronavirus safety protocols. (May 7, 2020 for St. Louis Public Radio |

(left) Scott Allred, a beekeeper in Wildwood, tends to his hives. Allred has been capturing wayward bee swarms in the St. Louis area since 2012. (right) Honeybee colonies typically produce multiple queens before swarming. The queens develop in special cells, like those shown here. (May 20, 2020 for St. Louis Public Radio |

Due to the pandemic, nearly 50 of the pools that Midwest Pool Management operates in the St. Louis area have delayed openings. Wapelhorst Aquatic Center in St. Charles opened Saturday with a reduced maximum capacity limited to 200 guests. (May 23, 2020 for St. Louis Public Radio |

Cori Bush upsets Lacy Clay in congressional democratic primary paving the way to becoming Missouri's first Black woman in Congress. (August 4, 2020 for St. Louis Public Radio |

Tyrean Heru Lewis works on his urban farm in the Kingsway West neighborhood of north St. Louis. The fourth-generation farmer is part of a small group working to create a tool bank for Black and brown growers in St. Louis who can't afford to purchase garden tools. (October 2, 2020 for St. Louis Public Radio |

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